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Katie Coates
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I want to give you my guide for free so that you can use a FREE resource to access those who need your expertise to create their stories in the media - featuring YOU! 

Your Customers Need to Be Able to Find You

High search ranking is one of the most important elements in your marketing mix. Even if you have a potential client on the line, their hand hovering over their wallet getting ready to grab their credit card, you risk losing that client if you don't have a positive, visible, and omnipresent online profile. Are you ranking for your product name, your own name, and your search terms or key words?

You Need to Build Buyer Trust 

Research has shown that your clients and customers will have more trust in you if you feature the mainstream media logos we give you in your custom "As Seen On..." Banner. Do you have months or even years to invest in Public Relations services to get the number of Major Media logos you need for a banner?

You Need Your Customers to Make Buying Decisions That Favor You

When your customers and clients see your website with the media logos on it, as well as the online visibility you get from publishing every month, all over the internet - on autopilot - their Buyer Confidence goes up and they make buying decisions that favor YOU. This is due to a phenomenon called The McGurk Effect. Our brains believe what we see over all other sensory input.
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What You Get: 

Amazing Search Results Through Major Media Placements

We create your professionally crafted story and search-optimized headline and publish it on high-authority media sites (sites such as ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliates, etc.) 

Visibility through search helps to build credibility and give your buyers confidence in you and your services or products. We publish for you every month, worry-free, so that you can relax, knowing your amazing search results are protected and maintained.

With the Visibility Program,

Our Clients Get Amazing Results!

The Visibility Program:

  • ​Gives You Amazing Search Results so New Clients and Customers Can Find You
  • ​Provides the Credibility of the Mainstream Media Working for You - So You Need to Get Your Business Information Featured on Major Media Sites.
  • ​Helps You Get Your Own "As Seen On..." Banner so You Can Display Your Media Mentions on Your Web Page and Social Media Profiles (and You'll Have it Within 45 Days Instead of "Someday...")
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